What is your service area?

We have about a 30 mile radius for service. Please visit our service area page here.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, of course. Please fill out our contact form to get in touch.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

First we discuss the project that we will be taking on. I will then have you text me your name, address, email - save that information and set an appointment. We will come to you have a discussion about the project, what we want to do and I will then generate an estimate.

What things should I consider when looking to have a space remodeled?

There is a lot to consider when looking to have a space remodeled. Construction projects are a big commitment. Often times construction can take months to finish. You will need to rearrange your home during this time which can make living a little difficult, however, in the end it is totally worth it. The main aspect you want to think about are:

  • What are you trying to gain with this project?
  • Making sure you are committed and its exactly what you want.
  • Your budget, is what you want within what you can afford?
  • Timeline.

How much will it cost to build a deck?

It all depends. There are a wide variety of decking products out there which have a wide range of price tags. The same size deck can be built with different products changing the price anywhere between $5,000 and $45,000. We will work together to get the deck you love, within budget.

Do I need to provide the materials for the deck?

We can provide decking services either way. We have done deck builds where the price includes materials and labor as well as just labor. It all depends on what the customer wants. If you are able to buy your own materials and get them to the site and have enough to finish the job then we can absolutely work with that.

How long will it take to build a deck?

Hard to say. Every deck is a different size, different height, different decking and railings. The time frame for a deck installation could be between one day and a couple of weeks.

Do you come to my home for the consultation?

Yes, most of the time we will go to your home and go over the project and look at the site and go over the estimate, etc.

Will you help me design a new home?

I can offer ideas and suggestions and I can also point you in the right direction as far as getting a design or plans made up. Personally, I do not design homes and/or make plans.