What is your service area?

30 miles around Lewiston, me give or take

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes of course

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Typical process is we discuss their project and then I have them text me their name, address, email and I save their information and set a appointment to go talk and look at what they want to do and then I create an estimate and within a couple weeks send it to them

What things should I consider when looking to have a space remodeled?

A lot lol. One, construction projects are a big commitment. They could take months to finish and re arrange your house and make living a little difficult but in the end totally worth it. But other then that. They should think about what they are trying to gain with this project. Make sure it's what they want. Think about a budget and can they afford that project. Lots of things to consider when doing to a construction project

How much will it cost to build a deck?

It all depends. There are a wide variety of decking products out there which have a wide range of price tags. You could build a small deck for under $5000 and someone else will want the same size deck with top of the line products and cost $45000

Do I need to provide the materials for the deck?

I have done decks where I give the price for the whole job materials included or just labor. It all depends on what the customer wants. If they want to buy their own materials and get them to the site and have enough to finish the job then I'll work with that

How long will it take to build a deck?

Once again, hard to say. Every deck is different sizes, different heights, different decking and railings. A deck could be done in a day or take weeks

Do you come to my home for the consultation?

Yes, most of the time I will come to a customers home and go over the project and look at the site and go over the estimate etc

Will you help me design a new home?

I can offer ideas and suggestions and I can also point customers in the right direction as far as getting a design or plans made up but I do not design homes and or make plans